The "home restaurant": Tiger Brigade, the sleuths of Asian bistronomy

Today, the term “fusion” cuisine is a bit scary because it has been overused.Synonymous with junk food, we can imagine a kind of “crazy about everything” applied to a successful cuisine, a concept put into all the sauces but not always performed for the pleasure of the palate.Despite its original definition, that is to say, mixing flavors and cultures to obtain new recipes has always existed.Asian cuisine, therefore, often adorned with this qualifier.

With Adrien Ferrand and Galien Emery, the two chefs of the Parisian bistro Brigade du Tigre, who met at the Ferrandi school, on the contrary, we have enthusiasts of this gastronomic “fusion”.They met at the Ferrandi school., then, each on their own, left to do their classes with the stars: David Toutain and Anne-Sophie Pic for Adrien; Laurent Petit and Jean-François Rouquette for Galien.They meet in the kitchens of William Ledeuil, champion of Asian gastronomy, the best place to sublimate perfumes from elsewhere.Perfumes that the two friends discovered on the occasion of their many trips to Asia.

Their menu is freely inspired by their various expeditions by "merging" the preparation of local products using a technique inherent in another culture, such as these incredible pig sushi from Aveyron, which have become a "must eat" on the scene.Parisian bistronomic."We do not offer traditional cuisine but personal interpretations of emblematic recipes" underlines Adrien.Force is to note that they excel there, and take us in a whirlwind of original flavors, from Thailand to China in passing through Singapore and Malaysia.

Posted Date: 2020-12-26

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