McDonald’s: the composition of their famous nuggets revealed, Internet users are in shock!

While the deconfinement took place a few weeks ago and some restaurants such as McDonald’s are once again accessible, the composition of the nuggets that would have been unveiled disgusted more than one!

McDonald’s: French people love to eat in fast-food restaurants and are almost the biggest consumers in the world!

Although we live in the great country of French gastronomy, the French love to cook, nowadays it is no longer difficult to find recipes to make at home, just a few searches on the internet or in second-hand gastronomy books or there will be recipes that you won’t find elsewhere…but that doesn’t prevent the French from also enjoying fast food, which can be found at McDonald’s or Burger King.

But while fast food companies are fighting hard to win back consumers, it has to be said that they have unfortunately been hit hard by the coronavirus health crisis that has passed through there.

Although some people still wanted to brave the confinement to get to the fast-food restaurants, you can imagine their disappointment when they saw that everything was closed! On this occasion, some of them sniffed out the vein, like Burger King, who suggested recomposing these famous burgers, especially the Whopper, with ingredients that everyone could find in the supermarkets.

A great opportunity for them to showcase the ingredients of their hamburgers, although we can well imagine that they have been slightly modified and do not correspond to the ingredients communicated in the brand’s publications, which have once again made the buzz on social networks!

But recently, it’s another chilling recipe that’s made the buzz on social networks: this time it’s not Burger King that’s been in the news, nor KFC specialising in breaded chicken, but the American giant McDonald’s! But what is it about more exactly? Is it the sauce from the BigMac that has just been put on sale for a very limited time? Well no, it’s something completely different, since it is indeed the ingredients that will make up the nuggets that would have been revealed and analyzed by the specialists in the field, who are very numerous today! But is this going to prevent the French from stopping consuming the famous McDonald’s nuggets? We should have the answer in the coming weeks!

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