Foie gras and queen of England, the chef at the Elysée Palace delivers the secrets of presidential meals

the essential Guillaume Gomez, the chef of the Elysée kitchens, author of the book "A la Table des Présidents", gave a few anecdotes about his profession.In place since 1997, he has seen many presidents parade.

Foie gras for the Queen of England.This is one of the most precious memories of Guillaume Gomez, chef at the Elysee.Author of the book "At the Table of Presidents", he delivers the behind the scenes of these presidential meals.

One of his favorite memories: he quotes the State dinner of June 6, 2014 at the Elysee Palace in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings .

For this reception, Guillaume Gomez is developing a menu: "I offer foie gras, I know the Queen likes it.Problem, his son Prince Charles is against this specialty".

"François Hollande then proposed a compromise: to have the Queen choose the menu.It was the first and only time that a Head of State received at the Elysee Palace was able to choose his menu", recalls the chef at Paris Match.The Queen has opted for foie gras, which she is fond of."Faced with the scandal across the Channel, the embassy had to defuse the controversy, explaining that it was a choice of the Queen".

The chef also looks back on a meal shared by John F.Kennedy and Charles de Gaulle, "one of the first times that gastronomy was put on the front of the stage".With this book, he inspires people to "cook as if you are welcome the president to your home (...) everything is easy to do with envy."

Posted Date: 2020-11-25

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