Fusion - means union! And in greater terms we have to be in union with the Universe to be part of creation. A blessing indeed to recognize our union of togetherness! Clearly there has to be a union between food and the home where one resides. The combination of the two works hand in hand and with that in mind we present the Fusion Food & Home E-Magazine.

Food - which is the first flow of the E-Magazine is what we must have to aid our bodies for our sustenance comes from there. Fusion cooking means taking locally available ingredients and dressing them up with cultural flair. Another incarnation of fusion cooking is a more eclectic approach, taking original dishes and using a variety of ingredients from various regions and creating a taste of its own.

Home - which is the second flow of the E-magazine and is the space which we create for the growth of ourselves. Not just in terms of our place of resting and sleeping, but in terms of growing ourselves as individuals. 
The latter part of creating “living our best life” is about empowering ourselves with knowledge in all spheres of life and the first place is our home.

In Fusion Food & Home we bring forth the living in harmony that is created by the union of living itself!

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Launching June 2012


 192 Pages - Full Colour

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9 Mouth Watering Chapters



Shanaaz's Real Food

Soup and Breads


Aromatic Fusion



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